We are open for in person and remote learning for the 2021-2022 academic year! 


For this year of uncertainty, HOLA NYC remains open for our families, offering complete Spanish-immersion preschool programs both for in-person pods of 5-10 kids in the HOLA classroom and a simultaneous remote track for those doing home schooling.



HOLA NYC is a Spanish immersion, Montessori inspired, mixed-age early childhood program for 2 to 4 year olds that incorporates the best practices from the most current research in early childhood development.​

With the Montessori philosophy at its core, HOLA NYC fosters the child’s right to explore the world in their own individual way by preparing an environment that is inviting to all learners. 


want to thank you for everything you do to work with our family. I really believe you go above and beyond, and we wouldn't be able to find another school that treats us like family and is willing to work with us so much.      -Nicola Kamath (HOLA NYC Parent)

Hola NYC Applications and Tuition

HOLA NYC teachers are called guias (guides). Our guias understand that learning a language, whether it is your first or second, can be challenging and at times intimidating, but believe it is also an exciting process and are happy to offer your children the gift of bilingualism right from the beginning. 

Hola NYC Summer Program

This summer, we invite your children to embark on a trip to exotic and interesting places-in Spanish! During our seven-week adventure, we will celebrate culture through music, art, poetry, theater, the science of inquiry, cooperative games, and most importantly, PLAY AND FUN! We will journey to local park events, museums, and presentations by

various artists.