Hola NYC Kids



HOLA NYC is a Spanish immersion, Montessori inspired, mixed-age early childhood program  for 2 to 4 year olds that incorporates the best practices from the most current research in early childhood development.  With the Montessori philosophy at its core, HOLA NYC fosters the child’s right to explore the world in their own individual way by preparing an environment that is inviting to all learners. Our curriculum combines independent lessons, group-based projects, play-based, open ended activities and an emphasis on building community to provide the ideal environment for early childhood development.

The Montessori Philosophy

HOLA NYC’s philosophy of learning is strongly influenced by Montessori method.  Montessori believed that if you allow a child the chance to explore and attempt tasks on their own, the result is a confident, independent and self-disciplined child. These essential lifelong skills are what HOLA strives to instill in its children.   HOLA’s children are guided to complete tasks by themselves, to be responsible for the maintenance and beauty of their classroom environment and to show empathy and respect for others.


HOLA NYC’s classroom resembles a Montessori classroom with distinct work areas for the children: math, language, sensorial, practical life, art, cultural and geography.  What makes HOLA NYC different from the traditional Montessori classroom is that it also includes open-ended exploration areas; blocks, dramatic/pretend play and storytelling. Each area of the classroom contains lessons and materials appropriate for each age and developmental level of each individual student.

Experiential Learning

HOLA NYC believes that hands-on, real life experiences are an integral part of supporting learning.   HOLA NYC children participate in regular fieldtrips to explore nearby parks, museums, theater, music and arts programs.

Thanks so much!  We are so happy with the school!  We love that we know what lessons you are teaching them every day and that every lesson ties into their emotional development as well as their intellectual development.  We are very appreciative that we found you!     -Renee Dellar (HOLA NYC Parent)

Language Acquisition and Social-Emotional Development

HOLA NYC guías understand that language is a social tool and create an environment in which the children are encouraged to speak Spanish with their teachers and peers. Our experienced guides are native Spanish speakers and speak only in Spanish with the children.  The classroom composition also consists of at least half native Spanish speakers to support Spanish language interactions amongst the children.


Our guías understand that learning a language, whether it is your first, second, or third, can be challenging and at times intimidating, but believe it is also an exciting process and are happy to offer your children the gift of bilingualism right from the beginning. We address both the goals and needs of native and non-native Spanish speakers.


Created With the Needs of Working Families in Mind

Our program was created by families with working families in mind. We wanted to address the specific challenges of families looking for great quality full-time daycare programs in NYC. We are a small program because we are a vibrant community that values relationships and acknowledges that for children to grow and thrive overlapping circles of love and care need to be created.

The House of Language Acquisition (HOLA NYC) in a Nutshell:
  • Spanish-immersion

  • Montessori inspired

  • Early education program

  • Parent-led

  • Child-centered

  • Independent

  • Not for profit