We at HOLA NYC believe in family participation. We seek to build a community made of families, caregivers, teachers, artists and partner organizations. In our view, this level of connection expands the circles of care and love that enable children to flourish as human beings and grow up to be world citizens.


In addition, HOLA NYC seeks to create synergies and opportunities with educational programs that promote bilingualism. We believe that the landscape of educational institutions in NYC is changing and that it is timely to join efforts with similar organizations.

Our Vision

An environment where speaking multiple languages is encouraged at all levels of education as a way to contribute to multiculturalism, co-existence and inclusive worldviews. For that to be possible, we think a focus on the arts is important.


Our Mission

For every child to experience a quality, cohesive, and Spanish immersed learning experience from age two to five years.

  • Quality education prioritizes social-emotional development.

  • Cohesive learning experiences are possible when there is a  community of families that supports each other in ways that benefit their children

  • Our program believes raising children is a partnership and we value open communication with families

  • We foster partnerships with Arts-based organizations and artists and organizations committed to the holistic development of children's abilities and capabilities


We are proud to have been selected as educational partners of the New Victor Theater.

We have partnerships with Teatro SEA, Casa Feliz Music, Super Soccer Stars and the Piano School of New York.

We also benefit from arts workshops led by Marisa Jahn, artist and parent of one of the children in the school. Bibliobandido is one of our favorite literacy activities!


In the 2016-2017 school year, HOLA NYC introduced a partial scholarship for children of teaching artists. We are proud to be able to contribute to the creation of more early education enrichment classes in Spanish. By supporting these families, HOLA NYC is acting as an incubator program to help speed up the growth and success of startup and early stage programs aimed at exposing children to the Arts in Spanish.

Causes We Care About

To promote healthy eating habits

To support children’s development, both cognitive and physical, their basic needs must be met first. HOLA NYC promotes healthy, nutritional food options for children.  


Education is a human right

We believe that all children should have access to quality education. This approach requires alternative approaches to harsh disciplining practices from early stages of education.


Life-long learning

We believe the teaching staff should continue to develop and offer on-going professional development and support to the team members. In the near future, we also hope to start to offer workshops and learning opportunities to our families.