Summer Program

Around the World In 40 Days! ¡Alrededor del Mundo en 40 días!

This Summer 2017, we invite our amiguitos to grab their passports and embark on a 40 day journey around the world. During our eight week adventure, the children will celebrate cultures from every continent through music, art, theater, inquiry science, cooperative games and most importantly, PLAY! We will also participate in excursions to local park events, museums and presentations from various artists and entertainers in our community.


HOLA NYC’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is open to children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our camp ensures that children learn with friends through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  At HOLA, we don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish, fostering confidence in language acquisition.  Every camper will enjoy an immersed experience while embarking on a journey through the Spanish language and culture. Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or speaks fluently, our camp provides something for every child.


Camp activities include music, games, crafts, cooking projects, dramatic play, science experiments and much more...led entirely in SPANISH! Enrollment is flexible with the option to join us for the entire summer or on a weekly basis. Camp curriculum is planned in two week sessions to allow for extensive exploration into each theme.  We invite you to give your child a fun and interactive experience at HOLA NYC


Summer Program Schedule

Week 1 & 2 (July 5th-July 14th)- Cuba

Our first week at HOLA! We will make our passports and get ready for our summer adventures! We'll start in Cuba, going to the Natural History Museum to view their amazing exhibit. We will explore the jungle and study all of the interesting island animals! We will talk about the importance of Cuban music and listen to Celia Cruz and Ry Cooder's Buena Vista Social Club, we'll pull out the timbales and sing and dance!!!

Week 3 (July 18th-July 21st) –  Panama

Next we cross the Caribbean and land in Panama. We will investigate the Taino culture, explore the jungle and its animals, visit the canal and learn a Ruben Blades song!

Week 4 (July 24th-July 28th) –  Mexico

This week the Mariachi School will visit HOLA and play for us!!! ¡Órale! We will explore the Mexican desert and its animals. We will eat cactus(nopal) and be amazed at what the desert offers! We will learn about 2 volcanoes in Mexico City and the love story they share!


Week 5 (July 31st-August 4th) –  Hawaii

Leaving the desert for more tropical vistas, we travel to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and explore the 8 islands of Hawaii! While we are there we will keep exploring volcanoes and their stories, we will learn the Hula and how to tell a story through dance. We'll travel in long boat to each island and see how each has it's own wildlife. Maybe we'll hang 10!


Week 6 (August 7th-August 11th) – Thailand

Traveling in a traditional Hawaiian Hokule'a we cross the Pacific and and land in Thailand! Buddha will show us the way while we wander thru Thailand. We will continue to explore jungle wildlife from the world's smallest mamma, the Bumblebee bat to the great elephants of Thailand. We will be amazed at the beautiful Thai writing style.


Week 7 (August 14th-August 18th) –  Mongolia

Saying Lākón to Thailand we travel North to Mongolia and again visit the desert. We will travel on horseback because the Mongols are expert horse-people! We will live in a Yurt and herd sheep and reindeer! We will be nomadic and continue to see how much the desert gives us!  


Week 8 (August 21st – August 25th) – Finland

Our final week of adventure! We leave Mongolia and travel across Russia, jump on a boat and land in Finland. Here we encounter endless summer, more reindeer, the Ringed Seal, vast forests and lakes. We will read the famous Moomin fairy tales, enjoy the bright geometric patterns from Marimekko and take a sauna before our long flight home to HOLA.

The following represents pricing for the full 8 week program for 5 days per week.  If you have different preferences, please enter those in the application. New students will be required to attend 3 days minimum for at least two consecutive weeks.

Morning program (8:00am - 12:30pm)

$2980 for program

School day program (9am - 3pm)

$3830 for program

Spanish Playdate program (3pm - 5:30pm)

$2980 for program

Complete program (8am - 6pm)

$4240 for program