Summer Program

Around the World In 40 Days! ¡Alrededor del Mundo en 40 días!

This Summer 2018, we invite our amiguitos to grab their passports and embark on a 40 day journey around the world. During our eight week adventure, the children will celebrate cultures from every continent through music, art, theater, inquiry science, cooperative games and most importantly, PLAY! We will also participate in excursions to local park events, museums and presentations from various artists and entertainers in our community.


HOLA NYC’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is open to children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our camp ensures that children learn with friends through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  At HOLA, we don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish, fostering confidence in language acquisition.  Every camper will enjoy an immersed experience while embarking on a journey through the Spanish language and culture. Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or speaks fluently, our camp provides something for every child.


Camp activities include music, games, crafts, cooking projects, dramatic play, science experiments and much more...led entirely in SPANISH! Enrollment is flexible with the option to join us for the entire summer or on a weekly basis. Camp curriculum is planned in two week sessions to allow for extensive exploration into each theme.  We invite you to give your child a fun and interactive experience at HOLA NYC


Summer Program Schedule


Weeks 1 & 2 (July 5th - July 13th) - Spain

One, two, three, zapateo with the rhythm of Flamenco and the castanets! We will dress in yellow and red, taste a Tortilla Española, travel with the Spanish language, its songs, poetry, and artistic expressions. We will be ambassadors of joy and Summer for the blue Mediterranean sea. Our art projects will be inspired by talavera ceramics, Gaudi's iguanas, and Salvador Dali's surrealist painting. At the end of the week we will have a Flamenco dance, with a special guest. ¡Olé!


Week 3 (July 16th - July 20th) – Mexico

"Mexico, beautiful and beloved" We will travel to the Aztec country to fill us with joy, music and color, enjoying the delicious cuisine. We will leap through Cancún beaches, visit Merida and its pyramids, its observatory and learn the lifestyle of the Aztecs before heading into Mexico City. We will be inspired by the muralist Diego Rivera, the artist Frida Kahlo and the painter Rufino Tamayo. Wooden toy painting, 7-point piñata creating and a closing party with a demonstration of art, music and folklore. México lindo y querido, indeed!


Week 4 (July 23rd - July 27th) – Brasil

Bom día! Brazil, an vast country with a varied geography, our room will become an Amazonian jungle and we will be scientists and explorers! We will build flutes, maracas, tongas and visit with colorful animals through Títeres drama and acting. We end the week with Carioca rhythms and our Carnaval, where children will move to the beat of the Samba.


Week 5 (July 30th - Aug 3rd) - Egypt

A place of dreams, where engineering dazzled civilizations! The Valley of The Nile River has been a source of life since ancient times. We will travel back in time to the construction of pyramids, agricultural practices, the rich fauna, and the early hieroglyphics! We will make our own papyri and ancestral writings and play ancient games. We will make cotton rugs, clay amphorae, and learn about important Egyptian discoveries that still impact our lives!


Week 6 (August 6th - August 10th) – Russia

PRIVET! Hello! Polar bears! Black bears! Siberian tigers! Pikas! We will make puppets of these characters and at the end of the week we will present a theatrical play reflecting on the values of love, tolerance and friendship. We will make Mamushkas, full of colors and expression and use our hands to recreate the onion domes of St. Petesburg Cathedral. We will dance to the music of the nutcracker ballet and hear the balalaika play. We will sample Russian empanadas and blinis with blueberry jam (gluten free) and explore Marc Chagall’s work before we bid adieu.


Week 7 (August 13th - August 17th) – Japan

Kon Nichiwua! Hello! We venture further east to Japan, to the Imperial Palaces of Kyoto, to discover origami and the cherry blossoms in Spring; we will practice the art of Hanami (contemplation of spring, in this case Summer) with a picnic in the park. We will tour the mountains and nature of Nara, write our wishes while learning from the Pagodas, and make lanterns. We leave for the modernity of Tokyo, with its vibrant vibe, make Sushi and be amazed by the Japanese plastic artist Yayoi Kusama. We close the week with a demonstration of Japanese costumes and the martial art of Aikido.


Week 8 (August 20th – August 24th) – New Zealand

KOA! HOLA! We end our tour in New Zealand, where we will be awed by its wonderful geography: the volcanoes, the geysers, the hot springs that show us the power of the center of the earth and the changing temperatures of the waters. We will get to know the Maori Culture, and to dance in their Polynesian style. We will craft customary clothing and represent the canoes in a shared work of art. We will visit with its friendly animals. At the end, we will make our way back to New York and have a celebration of how far we have gone!

The following represents pricing for the full 8 week program for 5 days per week.  If you have different preferences, please enter those in the application. New students will be required to attend 3 days minimum for at least two consecutive weeks.

Morning program (8:00am - 12:30pm)

$3220 for program

School day program (9am - 3pm)

$4130 for program

Complete program (8am - 6pm)

$4580 for program