Summer Program

Around the World In 40 Days! ¡Alrededor del Mundo en 40 días!

This Summer 2016, we invite our amiguitos to grab their passports and embark on a 40 day journey around the world. During our eight week adventure, the children will celebrate cultures from every continent through music, art, theater, inquiry science, cooperative games and most importantly, PLAY! We will also participate in excursions to local park events, museums and presentations from various artists and entertainers in our community.


HOLA NYC’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is open to children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our camp ensures that children learn with friends through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  At HOLA, we don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish, fostering confidence in language acquisition.  Every camper will enjoy an immersed experience while embarking on a journey through the Spanish language and culture. Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or speaks fluently, our camp provides something for every child.


Camp activities include music, games, crafts, cooking projects, dramatic play, science experiments and much more...led entirely in SPANISH! Enrollment is flexible with the option to join us for the entire summer or on a weekly basis. Camp curriculum is planned in two week sessions to allow for extensive exploration into each theme.  We invite you to give your child a fun and interactive experience at HOLA NYC


Summer Program Schedule

Week 1 (July 5th-July 8th)- Ritmos y Rimas de Puerto Rico

To kick off the Summer, we will start our adventure in Puerto Rico the sounds and rhythms of the island as we welcome salsa and merengue musicians and dancers to our classroom.  We will also see a performance of the classic tale of Cucarachita Martina and Ratón Perez by our friends from the Bella Belpré Project (Teatro SEA).


Week 2 (July 11th-July 15th) –  Explorando Marruecos

Next, we head to Africa for a caravan adventure through the Sahara.  The children will help transform the classroom into an Moroccan marketplace through dramatic play, art and music.  The children will visit the America to Zanzibar exhibition at the Children´s Museum of Manhattan.


Week 3 (July 18th-July 22th) –  Aventuras en Ghana

This week we travel south to Ghana where we will explore with African percussion.  The children will create their own using various materials with an emphasis on wood instruments.  We will welcome African dancers to our classroom to teach the children the traditions behinds their dances.  We will also focus on the importance of storytelling and traditional stories about African animals.

Week 4 (July 25th-July 29st) –  Historias y sabores de Italia

This week we head to Italy to explore their food, architecture and introduce the concept of history.  The children will create their own pizzas, practice building coliseums in the block area and wrap up the week with a Venice carnival.


Week 5 (August 1st-August 5th) –  Los Colores de Tahití

August starts off with along sea voyage as we learn about Captain Cook and other famous explorers.  We will anchor our ships on the island of Tahiti where we will experience the technique of painter Paul Gauguin, study the formation of the island’s dormant volcanoes and learn how to move our hips to the rhythms of the island.


Week 6 (August 8th-August 12th) – Cruzando Estados Unidos

This week we head back across the Pacific to the United States.  We will hitch a ride on Route 66 and take cross country roadtrip.  This week we will also focus on other modes of transportation including the cross-country railroad, Mississippi river steamboats and ice road truck drivers.


Week 7 (August 15th-August 19st) –  Culturas de Guatemala

This week we head south to explore the indigenous cultures of Guatemala.  We will discover the Mayan empire and study the indigenous people that still uphold their rich cultural traditions.  We will also study the past influences on present day music, dress, and foods.     


Week 8 (August 22nd – August 26th) – El Fútbol en Argentina

The last stop on our long journey will be a sports-based journey to another world cup hosted in Argentina. To wrap up the summer, we will also create our own jerseys and host a world cup fútbol match.

The following represents pricing for the full 8 week program for 5 days per week.  If you have different preferences, please enter those in the application. New students will be required to attend 3 days minimum for at least two consecutive weeks.

Morning program (8:00am - 12:30pm)

$2810 for program

School day program (9am - 3pm)

$3610 for program

Spanish Playdate program (3pm - 5:30pm)

$2810 for program

Complete program (8am - 6pm)

$4000 for program