Summer Program

Around the World In 40 Days! ¡Alrededor del Mundo en 40 días!

This summer, we invite your children to embark on a trip to exotic and interesting places-in Spanish! During our eight-week adventure, we will celebrate culture through music, art, poetry, theater, the science of inquiry, cooperative games, and most importantly, PLAY AND FUN! We will journey to local park events, museums, and presentations by various artists.


HOLA NYC’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is open to children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our camp ensures that children learn with friends through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  At HOLA, we don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish, fostering confidence in language acquisition.  Every camper will enjoy an immersed experience while embarking on a journey through the Spanish language and culture. Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or speaks fluently, our camp provides something for every child.

Summer Program Schedule



With merengue movements, we will start our Caribbean dances. Our guides from this country are the best ambassadors. We will enjoy the Carnival of La Vega, prepare costumes, masks and musical instruments to celebrate your Folklore to the beat of the music of this beautiful land. We will prepare delicious rice with beans, bell peppers, avocado and banana, and we will enjoy this great Feast! In literature, we will recite poetry by Pedro Mir, who will accompany us in our days of literary art.



It's lakes and rivers lead us to dream of nature and adventures! Where art and culture meet in the work of indigenous masks and Totems, we will be inspired to become artists of colorful works, intense and full of history. We will explore The Maple Tree and its syrup--and prepare waffles. We will make our own puppets of animals such as the moose, beaver, beluga whale, polar bear, puffin bird, among others. Our children will have fun dancing to the beat of the traditional reels.



Nihao! We invite you to enter the world of a millennial culture, learn about the Opera and its makeup, create costumes and represent a wonderful story. With our brushes and ink we will outline some symbols and we will pronounce some important words, we will make a stamp of our name. We will model ceramics including elements of the ancestral culture and we will create our own toys with recycling material. We will learn about the four great Chinese inventions: the compass, the paper, the printing press and the spaghetti, we will be great scientists! We will prepare delicious rice and we will include our favorite ingredients, to later organize a meal to celebrate.


Brazil, Brazil! With the rhythm of the samba, costumes of colors and costumes, we will enter the magic of this beautiful South American country. We will travel to the Amazon River and discover the mystery of the Amazon rainforest. We will go to Rio de Janeiro, enjoying the carioca culture, and play in the sand as if in Copacabana, and we will be chefs of the Brazilian cuisine, the tropical fruits will delight us with their aromas and flavors. We will learn about Britto and make sculptures as if we were in the town of ITU. We will culminate the week with a fun carnival, full of music and dance in a wonderful parade.



Greek mythology friends will fill us with history and adventures. We will create art in a classical style, perhaps representing Athena or Zeus. We will make Anphorae, laurel wreaths, and enjoy aromas and cooking in the Mediterranean style, learning about the Athenian cuisine. We will learn about the history through an interactive puppet theater, our HOLeños will feel immersed in Greek mythology, through their characters. We will finish the week with Olympics full of ceremony (Torch), movement and teamwork.



To the sound of the Condor Pasa and with our own Quena (Peruvian instrument) we will travel to the time of the Incas. The children will express themselves through creating looms, huacos (clay pottery), geometric giant paintings (Nazca Lines) and stone buildings (Machu Picchu) with recycled material. We will cook a special Andean salad, Lima style. We will learn mathematics and finance with the quipus, an Incan accounting system. We will listen to a story teller who will tell us about the arrival of the Europeans into the Andean culture. We will have a final party dancing to the rhythm of the box and the Toromata!



Hello Boorie (child) and Bunji (friend)! Australia's captivating beauty will invite us to enjoy its natural gifts. We will learn about koalas, kangaroos, clownfish, humpback whales, orcas and manatees. We will become biologists, and with our research kits, we will learn to classify, identify and organize the different types of animals discovered in our week. We will paint and make a puppet of our favorite animal and create a story about the preservation of our nature. The dance, dramatic art, the makeup and the plastic expression will be inspired by the Aboriginal culture of this Oceanic country.

The following represents pricing for the full 8 week program for 5 days per week.  If you have different preferences, please enter those in the application. New students will be required to attend 3 days minimum for at least two consecutive weeks.

Morning program (8:00am - 12:30pm)

$3490 for program

School day program (9am - 3pm)

$4480 for program

Complete program (8am - 6pm)

$4970 for program