HOLA Online Summer Camp 2020/ Campamento de Verano 2020

Virtual Latin American Summer Adventure

This summer, we invite your children to embark on a trip to exotic and interesting places-in Spanish! During our seven-week adventure, we will celebrate culture through music, art, poetry, theater, the science of inquiry, cooperative games, and most importantly, PLAY AND FUN! 


HOLA NYC’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is open to children ages 2 years to 5 years.  Our camp ensures that children learn with friends through an exciting, well-balanced and active learning environment.  At HOLA, we don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish, fostering confidence in language acquisition. Every camper will enjoy an immersed experience while embarking on a journey through the Spanish language and culture. Whether your child is being exposed to Spanish for the first time or speaks fluently, our camp provides something for every child.

Group 1 (Ages 2-3.5 year olds)

3 Morning Sessions and 1 Afternoon Session

Monday through Friday

Group 2 (Ages 3.5-5 year olds)

3 Morning Sessions and 1 Afternoon Session

Monday through Friday

  One special music class for all students on Friday!

$125 per week

10% discount if signing up for 7 weeks

5% discount if signing up for 4 weeks or more

Summer Program Schedule


Week 1: Dominican Republic (July 6th - 10th)

Students will travel to a tropical island of the Dominican Republic and learn about the flag ,its significance, and visit its capital, Santo Domingo. This island is surrounded by mountains and great beaches and is also home for many animals. We will explore the jicotea (turtle), garza, and the iguana. We will also enjoy traditional food, like el mango, rice, beans and meat (La bandera), and dance merengue, the national style of music and dance! We will meet Cándido Bidó, a painter and artist!


Week 2: Cuba (July 13th - 17th)

Celia Cruz inspires us with her music and cheerful rhythm of La Isla Cubana with her phrase “Azúcar". We will discover the flag, the beat of drums and tropical flavors. We will build a “Bohío” with recyclable materials, which helps reduce the heat of the Caribbean. We will learn about the homes of the first inhabitants of Cuba, travel to the Ciénaga de Zapata and discover the reptile called the alligator. We will meet Amelia Peláez, a fine artist and painter. At the end of the week, students will celebrate with a cuban Carnaval!


Week 3: Nicaragua (July 20th - 24th)

Students travel to the country Nicaragua, one of the largest countries in Central America . Its boasts a varied and beautiful landscape, encompassing volcanoes and unique freshwater habitats. We will discover the flag, explore the jungle, and enjoy learning about the sounds and habitats of the endangered yellow-naped parrot, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles in the eastern Pacific. We will learn about the main dish: Vigorón (yucca with chicharrón and cabbage slaw). We will enjoy music and dance inspired by the rhythm of Palo de Mayo and meet Salvador Ávalos, a fine artist and painter.

Week 4: Venezuela (July 27th - 31st)

Heading to South America, we explore Venezuela, a wonderful country full of color and excitement! Venezuela is famous for tropical climate, mountains, rainforest, deserts, and crystal clear beaches. We will explore the highest mountain in Venezuela called the Pico Bolívar, covered with snow and small glaciers. We will have fun learning and dancing to joropo and gaitas. We will be inspired by Carlos Cruz-Diez, an artist known for his kinetic art. We continue the week exploring the flag and its significance and learning about foods like delicious arepas de reina pepiada. This country is also home to many exotic animals, including the toucan and la corocora roja, two birds we will be studying!

Week 5: Argentina (August 3rd - 7th)

Next we travel to Argentina, a country with a wide variety of regions that include mountain ranges, valleys, deserts, and marshlands. We begin in Patagonia, exploring mountains, lakes and caves, as well as the animals found in this region such as the yurumi, venado de las pampas, and the hornero. Student will experience traditional folk music and dances such as the tango and zamba and learn about foods like empanadas, and entertainment like fútbol, the national sport of the country. We will also meet artist, Milo Lockett,  and discover the meaning of Argentina’s flag.


Week 6: Guatemala (August 10th - 14th)

We continue our travels to Central America visiting a country Guatemala, the country of the eternal spring and home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites like Antigua and Tikal. There are many kinds of animals that live in Guatemala’s diverse habitats and students will learn about ocelots and the country’s national bird, the quetzal. Music and dance are featured, along with the marimba, a wooden percussion instrument. We learn about Ivan de León, a famous painter and finish our tour exploring traditional foods such as tamales and pepián, and Guatemala’s flag and its history. 


Week 7: World Tour (August 17th- 21st)

For our final week of camp, we revisit our adventures throughout Latin America, the countries we explored, their geography, dances, traditional music, animals, food, art, and enjoying a colorful carnival. Students will participate in a colorful carnival, dance merengue, salsa and other colorful rhythms we’ve heard on our journey. We will explore one of our favorite recipes like the vigorón from Nicaragua and rediscover tropical climates, deserts and rainforests, and their native animals. Students will enjoy playing Argentinian fútbol and we will conclude our travels in Guatemala.

Group 1 (Ages 2-3.5 year olds) Schedule:

-9:30-10:00 AM (Mon-Fri) Early Circle Time  Singing and dancing. We are poets!

-10:30 11:00 AM (Mon-Fri) Exploring, creating and having fun!

-11:30-12:00 AM (Mon-Fri) Creative Time (younger)

-3:30- 4:00 PM (Mon-Fri) Art Afternoon Circle Time (younger)

-10:30 AM-Friday Special Music class, our wonderful music teacher! 

Group 2 (Ages 3.5-5 year olds) Schedule:

-9:00-9:30 AM (Mon-Fri) Early Circle Time singing and dancing. We are poets!

-10:00-10:30 (Mon-Fri) am Exploring, creating and having fun!

-11:00-11:30 AM Creative Time (older)

-3:00-3:30 PM (Mon-Fri) Art Afternoon Circle Time (older)

-10:30 AM-Friday Special Music class, our wonderful music teacher!